The skills and experience of a private bank in the service of pension planning. Mirabaud & Cie SA has set up two foundations (Foundation for Managers and Executives, and Mirabaud Vested Benefits Foundation) so that everyone can customise part of their retirement savings.

Personalised solutions

Unique, personalised solutions allowing all insured persons to become active participants in their pension planning:

  • They choose their savings level from the range offered
  • They structure the investment of their retirement savings by selecting from the investment strategies proposed in accordance with their risk tolerance
  • They adapt their strategy as their own requirements change over time
  • In some cases, they can coordinate their retirement assets with their private wealth, thus optimising the administrative and tax costs

In partnership with Patrimonia, a collective foundation, we can offer you a solution for the compulsory basic pension scheme which is consolidated with the scheme offered by the FCDE (Foundation for Company Directors and Managers).