To complement its core business, which consists of offering modern administrative, technical and accounting management, LPP Gestion has developed a whole range of advisory, communication and training services.

Our solutions


  • Administrative, technical and accounting
  • Collective reinsurance contracts
  • E-management for HR departments

Advice and communication

  • Legal, actuarial and accounting
  • Organising information workshops
  • Drawing up training materials
  • Training

How you benefit

  • You benefit from a modern, secure management tool adapted to your specific requirements
  • You benefit from the assistance and guidance of a multidisciplinary team of experts
  • You have access to cutting-edge advice with recognised educational qualities
  • You benefit from up-to-date, topical information in an accessible and readily understandable form




Valérie Ravinet

Senior Officer

Project Manager

T +41 58 816 86 34